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Herbs have been used for thousands of years  as a major part of traditional medicine. Although some of these uses belong to the realms of fantasy, modern scientific research confirms and expands the uses of many medicinal plants as effective therapy.022 Interestingly, new clinical trials are recognizing the traditional role of whole plant extracts which enable activity while protecting from side effects. Selecting combinations of theses herbs is the job of a skilled herbalist. To effect change and to be safe, herbal selections need to take into account any prescription drugs the client may be taking.

Susan Fidler, Registered Herbalist. Consults individually with clients.

At Riverdell Herbs LLC we try to have a whole-person approach to health, understanding that life events, upbringing, environmental toxins, emotional and spiritual lifestyle all impact outcome. We try to be sensitive to those needs and create a balanced plan for each individual. The goal is to remind your body how to heal itself while providing the tools to do so.We may incorporate cold laser therapy, detox footbaths, nutritional assessment and metabolic assessment as needed for any client, as well as checking for allergens.These are all non-invasive procedures.

Meet our Staff!

Marcy Ozanne – Administrative Assistant

Marcy answers questions, makes up custom blends, and generally keeps the show on the road!

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Mel Willard – Office Manager

Mel coordinates ordering, packages, sales, timetables, and delivery.

Have a question about your herbs or instructions following your appointment?

Contact Mel at 865-454-2232

Or E-mail Riverdell Herbs

Audra - Office Assistant

Audra – Office Assistant


Meet Audra who assists with office duties.

To schedule an appointment via phone, contact Audra at 865-454-2232.

Or E-mail Riverdell Herbs




Whitney Eanes






Whitney Eanes Received her reflexology certification in 2009 from the International Institute of Reflexology in St. Petersburg Florida.  She additionally has completed her training for Level 1 and Level 2 electro-lymphatic drainage.  She enjoys helping clients discover how reflexology can bring them relief, healing and enhanced mood and well being.  Whitney takes appointments Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Vanessa Blair, Biofeedback Technician

Vanessa Blair now performs Biofeedback for Riverdell Herbs.

Biofeedback stress reduction is an assessment technique that enables an individual to learn how to change some physiological activities for the purpose of improving health.  Training programs are run for the purpose of muscle re-education, relaxation training, pain management and brainwave training to improve the quality of a person’s life.  The client is connected to the EPR (Electro-Physiological Reactivity) biofeedback device with a headband, and ankle and wrist straps with sensors on them to measure and receive information (feedback) about the body.  The biofeedback sensors use mild electrical impulses that measure skin temperature known as (EDR) Electro Dermal Response.  Stress reduction training protocols are run by the practitioner to help the individual to make subtle bodily changes to aid in relaxing certain muscles, and re-train the body to achieve desired results, such as reducing pain. It does not diagnose, treat, cure, test, or prescribe, and the biofeedback device is not intended to replace any treatment from a medical doctor.

The National Institute of Health says 80% of all medical conditions are caused by stress. Stress can be caused by many things including: allergies, bacteria and viruses, chemical exposures, dehydration, emotional issues and trauma, financial problems, fungal infections, genetically altered foods, heavy metal exposure, lack of sleep, loss of a loved one, nutritional deficiencies, parasites, perverse energy such as cell phone radiation, X-rays, and microwave ovens, prescriptions medicines, relationship problems, and work stress.

The goal is for the client to reach a relaxed and stress-reduced state whereby the immune system can function at more of an optimal level.

Each session takes approximately 2 hours. During the month of May the cost is $75 for new and returning clients.  In June, the cost for a two-hour session will be $85 for new and returning clients.  Starting July 2017, the cost for a new client will be $100 for a two-hour biofeedback session, and $85 for returning clients. The cost for a one-hour biofeedback session is $50. Payment will be made to Vanessa Blair in the form of cash or check.

Additionally, Blake Boring presses our tinctures and Carole Olsen volunteers with us from time to time.  Doug Fidler and Joy Newvine take care of the books and Joy Newvine manages of the website.

Thanks to all of you!

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